Monday, January 9, 2012

OMFGKNNCCBWTFLOLROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< Gonna know my 'O' level results only in a few more hours.. Just a few more hours.. and.. ARGHDGFIJHJGHJKHDG! I really hope I can do well. I want to do well. Because I think I deserve it! >:( I worked so hard this year. Pretty pretty please, let all the A1s fly to meeeee~ Pleaseeee? Because of my results, I've had so many sleepless nights! ZOMG! Last night I was so stressed that I was down with a fever, headache and cold this morning.. Sick....... ZOMG! I'm gonna freak out la. I haven't felt so stressed for so long. I think I may not be able to handle this stress!!!!!. :( Sobx.. GOODLUCK TO MYSELF!!!!!! & BINGBING!