Saturday, October 22, 2011

Celebrating My Belated Birthday with my Olympus Pen

Hellohello! Yesterday was my birthday! :) and today's my BELATED BIRTHDAY! So it's counted as my birthday still! :D Well, yesterday I celebrated it with bingbing and Charmaine only! I did not get to celebrate with my parents though. :p Cos I slept like a pig from late afternoon till the next morning... Thanks to my father who gave me some medicine which caused me superduper drowsiness! >:( Well, I CELEBRATED IT TODAY WITH MY FAMILY INSTEAD @ Sakae! I still prefer SushiTei tho. :X oops.

I swear my fringe is dam kanasai. But aiya, nvm idc. Bad hair day today!!!!
This is the cake bingbing and I decorated at the icing room :p Super chio to the max for a DIY cake right? :D Say yes! TYVM! ^~^v
Hungry me~
Hello kitty (right) bingbing gave to me on my birthday. KAWAII TO THE MAX!

Concentrated on eating.
Enjoying foodie :D

Monkey face ;D
Blueack! :p
Otter siszieszxcs~

After all the eating at Sakae, walkwalked at Daiso. And guess who we met? A CHEEKOPEH!!!! Crazy guy had been tailing us non stop and I was getting suspicious of tt guy.. UNTIL my sis spotted him with his phone trying to take a picture.. UPSKIRT?!??! Creepy guy. One look already know he cheekopeh. Wtf is wrong with him, so sickening..!!! So I confirmed my suspicion la. We faster walked away but that guy still come following. -.- Still fakefake talk to phone to ppl. I think he was taking a video la. Keep aiming the fking camera at us but we keep siam away. MFker. When our parents came, we told our father. Of cos he din let the matter off so easily. He went after that arseclown and idk what happened after that. When he came back he said there really were many pictures/VIDEOS of MANY FEMALES not only us . -.- But he was forced to delete them alr. Yucks. So disgusting la this fella. Go home watch porn la! Go out take picture of girls for what! -.- That guys so 'LUCKY' to have met us both! -.- I hope I'll never see him again and hope my father's taught him a lesson good enough. Grrr, this totally spoilt my day!!!! WHY DIN MY FATHER CALL POLICE TO CATCH THAT F**KER?!

Full/Bloated after eating! :(
The cam colour abit problem ah.. Or izzit the lightings?
clothing for dog.. ON MUFFIE!!!
This pic was supposingly cute but its blur :'( but.. IDC.
Isn't muffie the cutest?
Model muffie~

Awwww cutecute :D
Muffie smelling my feet. LOL! :D