Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, so on the previous weekend I received a call from my teacher saying I had to go for an interview regarding my 'O' level oral examination incident. To me, that was very worrying, to the extent that it distracted and haunted me every sec, minute and hour! On Monday itself, my kind teachers, Mr Farizan(I think spelt like that) and Mr Ismail drove me to the SEAB from school all the way to Bukit Merah. They didn't NEED to but still they did so. :') Hahaha, so I went to the interview. With a teeny bit of nervousness in me of cos. I told the interviewees what actually happened. and TADA! It was over. CrossMyFingersPrayToAllGodsexisting nothing else would happen. I hope like they said they wouldn't pursue the matter further :'(
Lesson learnt: NEVER write on your hand!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scream, "Eff-Em-Ell"

In life, there are things which will not turn out to be as you have expected. Why? This IS life or you might say, REALITY! The best solution to your daily life problems is to: FACE IT! (In your face)!!!! But if all fails, raise your hands in the air and scream your lungs out, " F**K MY LIFE!@#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Neh. :p Just kidding. You'll probably give the impression to people that you're insane/ trying to be funny and they'll probably criticize you no matter how pathetic you seem. However, if you are lucky enough, some may still sympathize with you and just shake their heads, whisper "tsktsk" to themselves and walk away~ :) In fact, there are no solutions to facing the unexpected but to face it COURAGEOUSLY and PROUDLY!!!! Yes, proudly!!! Because each problem you encounter makes you a stronger person! Well, in terms of being emotionally stronger. :) Like for example, you UNEXPECTEDLY get slapped in the face, and it hurts like a b!tch!!! It will DEFINITELY will make you an emotionally stronger person as you progress on how to take your revenge on the arseholic clown who slapped you.... Right? :) Am I getting outta point? Meh, whatever. It should've been common sense, personal sensitivity, self initiative that you make sure you protect your precious face from people who wants to slap you. Thus, if you don't get slapped, it wouldn't be a problem anymore and therefore I don't need to explain so much. :D Make whole lotsa sense right?

Eye surgery on Thursday! Music plays *DENGDENGDENGDENG!*

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Precious memories with my Olympus Pen

ROD 2011, today's the day! Things went well except that I was not really feeling well. Bad headache, slight fever, cold and hungry.. :( Me so poor thing. Luckily it didn't affect me. I think. ;) Well, took over 100 photos today. :/ But.. only posted to blogger a few only :D Hahahaha. Was supposed to watch Smurfs with my aunt today but unexpectedly, the timing for ROD was early and clashed with the movie. Oh well, what to do? I went for the ROD anyway. Sad though. :( Well, I enjoyed today very much!! ^^ Received a gift from my juniors. It was really... WRAPPED, I mean, literally. I think there were around 20 layers of wrapping paper. GOSH. I felt I accomplished something utterly great when I finally tore ALL the wrapping paper. HAHA. Inside was a doraemon musical/jewellery box. Kawaii to the max!!! Thank you juniors from the bottom of my heart!!! TEEHEE!!

Bing and I!!!
My juniors and me~ (Joselyn & Sili)
Germaine, Sheauqin and meee! :)
Hmmm? :o ;D
ROD!!! Pretty banner!! :D
Promotion in band! *Clapclap* YAY!!!
UMBRELLA PEOPLE = Rihanna wannabes.. Oops. :x
Umbrella people rushing to... Sing-a-long session~!!! (that's why my camera pics are blur~)
Was slacking in canteen before ROD`11 commenced. Too bored~ ;p
Proudly taken by photographer bing!!!!
Dk why bingbing spam his photos. No comments~ ;p
Bingbing so glam. :)))
Imma bird whisperer!!! (photo on bottom left.) Kekeke. ^^

Reminiscing part:

Picture from last years rod`2010. Still remember it clearly :')

&& I'll remember being in PYMB's flute section for life.

Elaine, Sili, Shifeng, Fakhrina, Sayidah, Me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gifts from the heart with my Olympus Pen

The band's annual ROD is just the next day. Got my 3 beloved juniors (Sili, Joselyn and Jonathan) gifts. :p & I Almost forgotten about Jonathan's. Oops. 'Cos he's already moved to the Saxophone section. Hahaha. Well, Bingbing helped to get stickies and stuffings for me today (for the gifts) and he did not allow me to tag along! >:( HOW DARE HE!!!!! *Curse&Swears* So here are the gifts. Wasted. My camera did not get to take the pretty things inside the present boxes. :( They're already nicely tied up, I don't wanna waste my efforts!!! Well, they look pretty on the outside anyways. So yeah~

Sticky-Jar. ;) Nomnom.. But it's Jonathan's :(
Joselyn's heart-shaped box.

Sili's present box :p

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chinatown with my Olympus Pen

Just another day out with my Mom and Dad during the weekends. Heehee. (^o^)v LOL. Haven't been to Chinatown for ages!!! Now that I've already went there I told myself again, "there's nothing much to shop for, don't come here to shop", FOR ME. However, there was a myriad of souvenirs being sold in the different small shops. In conclusion, the place is more for like, foreigners. Hahaha. But there's also a variety of food, REALLY LOTS OF DIFF KINDA FOOD. Anything you can name, they've got it! NomNomNom~ ^-^v BUT! I WAS LOOKING FOR ABACUS SEED! There no have. Cannot find :'( sob!

My mother so GLAM! :x
Her smile is so fake right? Or is it just me?
Me. I. Myself. Camwhoring shot!
I'm extremely WOWed by this picture :D Its one of the lights in me house!
I can't remember why I took this..
random picture 1~
random picture 2 :x
In car. Otw to Chinatown~
MooMoo. :x
FOCUS on my lil' FINGER!
Ate fishy that father was craving for. LOL.
Poor innocent fishy :'( Look at its eyeball!
Random dingdong
Statues of some baby god??? o.o IDK.
Ahchipalang goods. ;p
Playing with camera effects.
How long did people take to hang these lanterns? I wonder.. Hmm.
Here's my stupid face. :D
This picture looks like a doll house or something, it's actually a temple.
Saded. Me cannot go in temple cuz attire's not appropriate = No aircon.
Mother and I!
PosePose *winkwink* ;)
Photo taken by buddha obsessed father :D
Another photo taken by buddha obsessed father :D